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Safe-halo provides visibility and critical life-saving communication beyond the boundaries of mobile phone service.

"We have tried a number of applications and have found Safe-halo out preforms all the rest."

Kane Organ of Peabody - Metropolitan Coal Helensburgh


Safe-halo - Voted the best "Health & Safety Solution of the Year" - 2019

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Australia Construction Awards Winners 2019
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Complete Visibility with History

Safe-halo provides a central and secure interface to manage your teams.

Cheap, Simple And Effective!

Using The Tools You Have

No need to purchase any additional equipment or install new programs on your computer.

You only need a mobile phone and Internet connected computer.

If you are beyond the boundaries of mobile phone service, you can utilise your Spot device.

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Mobile App

  • Free download
  • Intuitive interface
  • Set and forget start/stop timer
  • Man-down button
  • Interval and set timers
  • Automatic alerts for no response
  • Coordinates stored locally
  • And much much more...

Satellite Technology

Satellite personal trackers integrated directly into Safe-halo.

Spot Gen 4 & Garmin inReach SE

  • S.O.S/GEOS Emergency Response
  • Check-in alert
  • Need help alert
  • 2 way Communications (inReach only)

Spot Trace, monitor assets

Web Interface

  • Full management interface
  • Real time viewing
  • History playback
  • Geo fencing to monitor access
  • Differing access levels
  • Broadcast messaging
  • SMS, on-screen and email alerts
  • And much much more...

Download the app

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Mobile App Features (free)

Fully Automated

Set and forget function to activate Safe-halo

Timed Sessions & Distress Alerts

Automated countdown timers and safety alerts

Man-Down & Watch Me

Activate the "I need help" button or watch me when not comfortable with the situation you are in.


Discrete Communications

Internal system messaging or Broadcasts

Audible Alarms & Alerts

Audible alarms activated by users actions, session expiry alerts

Battery Optimization

Three settings to extend battery

App Screenshots

Easy to navigate, user-friendly interface

Personal Satellite Tracking Devices

We integrate your existing or new satellite devices into Safe-halo
Spot Gen 3, 4 and Garmin inReach SE shown

Spot Gen 4 and Garmin inReach SE


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I try?

Sure, sign up today and we will contact you about a product demo and answer any question that you may have.

Q: How Much Does Safe-Halo Cost?

A Safe-halo subscription (a licence) costs $442 a year per system User. (A system User is either the remote User being monitored or the User that logins in to the website to manage or monitor the remote Users.)


  • You can activate and deactivate any number users within your account, at any time.
  • The maximum number of active users at any one time can not exceed your licensed amount.
  • Minimum of 10 licence per account, then licences are sold in lots of 5 thereafter.
  • The licence period is 12 months

The Satellite Trackers. (Notes, 3rd party devices and services are not included in the Safe-halo service fees above. Prices listed below are a guide.)

  • The Spot Gen3/Gen4 device is a once off cost of AUD$239.
  • A 12 month Basic Satellite Data plan costs USD$222. (providing less frequent tracking)
  • OR select the Extreme Data plan, add USD$125 to your Basic plan cost. (Recommended, providing more frequent tracking)
  • Device set-up and configuration is a one off cost of AUD$240 per device
  • Network Maintenance Fee* USD$36 (*fee applies after the first years service term, cost is for each year thereafter)
  • Garmain inReach SE
  • The Garmain inReach SE provides 2 way communications via text - $599.00AUD per Device
  • Data service and other fess can be confirmed on application

Download our A4 product information brochure

Note, Satellite Data plan fees and pricing structure are subject to change due to exchange rates and third party requirements.

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Safe-halo is available on two different tracking devices.
1. A Free Mobile App that will provide coverage to the outer fringes of mobile phone service.
2. A Personal Satellite Tracking device.

Free Mobile App.
The Safe-halo mobile apps performance has exceeded all expectations. It covers the space right up to requiring a satellite personal tracker. The coverage is dependent on your phone service provider. This is the Australian Telstra coverage map

Satellite Personal Trackers.
The Spot Satellite Personal Tracking device integrates seamlessly into the Safe-halo system. This is the Spot Coverage Map

The Garmain inReach SE provides 2 way communications via text

You can utilise the Mobile App and the Satellite Trackers at the same time, to provide the best tracking results.

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The system is fully automated, so you will up and away in no time.
Sign up, verify your account, log in and start inviting your team members to join you.

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You will need to check your local Surveillance Act, as each State and Territory's regulations differ. Generally, to be compliant, surveillance via GPS tracking must not commence without prior notice (in writing) to each of the affected employees. The notice must be given at least 14 days before the surveillance commences (unless an employee agrees to a lesser period of notice.) Submitting the notice via email is considered a valid form of communication. The notice must indicate:

  • (a) the kind of surveillance to be carried out (GPS for tracking purposes), and
  • (b) how the surveillance will be carried out (via the installation of a GPS tracking app on your device), and
  • (c) when the surveillance will start, and
  • (d) whether the surveillance will be continuous, intermittent, for a specified period or ongoing.
  • Find out more...

Safe-halo will operate best using Goggle Chrome, then followed by Firefox and Safari.

Safe-halo will not operate using browser such as Internet Explorer that do not keep up with technology changes.

Safe-halo is owned and maintained by 152hq Pty Ltd located in Wollongong, NSW Australia

  • We have helped a number of larger organisation roll out Safe-halo to their teams.
  • If you would like additional help rolling out Safe-halo, contact us and let us know your requirements.

Yes we do. For a large volume of licences (50 +) or for non profit organisation.

If You Do Not Find The Answer To Your Question Listed Within Our FAQ's, You Can Always Contact Us Directly At admin@safe-halo.net

Very Affordable & Available Now!

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Remote Worker Update


To help us ensure the safety of our Illawarra Metallurgical Coal field crews, we’ve teamed up with local start-up @152_HQ to use mobile app #technology that monitors the location and safety of our employees in real time. Read more: S32 Website #mining

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Remote And Isolated Work

When you work remotely or in isolation, you are unable to get immediate attention from rescue, medical or emergency services.

Must do’s

There are specific laws that apply when you do remote or isolated work. Here we summarise those laws and give you some practical tips.

You must have a safe system of work that includes effective communication with the worker.

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Monday, 12 March, 2012

Lone Worker Safety Is No Longer Legally Optional

Employers are legally responsible to eliminate any risks to the health and safety of their employees, so far as deemed ‘reasonably practical’. To avoid any confusion, Safe Work Australia has determined that interpretation of ‘reasonably practical’ must take into consideration the following five points:

  • The likelihood of the hazard or the risk concerned occurring.
  • Degree of harm that might result from the hazard or the risk.
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Monday, 12 March, 2012

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